Walks and hiking

  • The winter idyll offers many possibilities for walks and longer hikes on the mountain.

    After exiting the cable car, you can continue to the top by the foot. If you decide to walk, we recommend that you take the path along the ski slope. After 30 minute walk on a gentle slope, you reach the lodging house Zeleni rob, where you can either stop and for a refreshment or continue your walk into the direction of the herdsmen’s settlement.

    Our suggestion: a walk past the herdsmen’s settlement onto Mala planina.

    Start from the lodging house Zeleni rob and follow the signs to the herdsmen’s settlement- Mala planina 

    You will reach the herdsmen’s settlement after 15 minute walk. The settlement has its special charm also during the winter time. On beautiful days you will be able to catch the scenery of snow covered roofs glimmering in the sun. You can end your walk here or continue walking to Mala planina, which is 30 minutes away.

    Besides the smaller herdsmen’s settlement, there are three lodging houses on Mala planina, where you can refresh yourself with tea and alpine meal.

  • There are numerous possibilities for pleasant walks into the direction of mountains Konjščica and Dol.

    Our suggestion: a walk to mountain Dol.

    Continue your path past the lodging house Zeleni rob and turn left after a few hundred metres. Follow the signs for mountains Konjščica and Dol. After walking for approx. 15 min you will reach mountain Konjščica from where you can descent onto mountain Dol.

    For those enthusiastic, we recommend the access to the mountain from the valley of the river Kamniška Bistrica (Kamniška Bistrica- Velika planina; 2.45h).