Sights in Kamniška Bistrica valley

Spring of Kamniška Bistrica river

The river Kamniška Bistrica rises from three places, but the most known is its major source which is located near the lodging house Dom in Kamniška Bistrica. The water springs from the moss-grown rocks and then stops for a short period of time in the artificial lake. The lake presents the most pleasant refreshment to all who like to sit near the river’s source, particularly during the summer time.

Predaselj gorge

The gorges Veliki Predaselj and Mali Predaselj present the narrowest part of the riverbed of the Kamniška Bistrica. They are located a short kilometre before the lodging house Dom in Kamniška Bistrica. A few minute walk along the gorge opens a beautiful view on the riverbed and the pure colour of the river. The gorge Veliki Predaselj is 30m deep at its deepest, and Mali Predaselj 15m.

Plečnik’s mansion

The mansion is located only few hundred metres away from the source of the Kamniška Bistrica. It was built by the order of the Royal Court. Its original name is The Royal Hunting lodge of the King Alexander. The plans for the mansion were made by the architect Jože Plečnik, who wanted to include the mansion in the environment by its simple exterior and richer interior. Mansion you can see only from outside.

Memorial park

A short kilometre away from Dom in Kamniška Bistrica is located a memorial park, which includes the memorial tablets of all casualties in The Alps. The park was established in 1970’s on the initiative of The Kamnik Alpine Association, who are today also guardians of the park.

Orglice waterfall

Orglice waterfall is known as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the valley of Kamniška Bistrica. It was allegedly given the name after the eagles which nest in the valley of Kamniška Bela. According to the sayings of others, the waterfall makes the sound of someone playing harmonica during the great amount of water. The waterfall is 30m high. The entry is from Predbela, at the starting point for Ojstrica.