The amount of the daily parking fee (24/7) is:

  • motorcycle € 5.00,
  • passenger car € 10,00,
  • van or motorhome € 20.00,
  • bus or minibus € 50.00.

The amount of the annual parking fee is:

motorcycle € 25.00,

passenger car € 35.00,

van or motorhome € 100.00,

bus or minibus € 250.00.





Instructions for payment via SMS Send an SMS with the following content to the telephone number 4333. The first mark indicates the parking number (VP3, VP4, VP5), then the space and your entire registration number.

For passenger car: VP3 space reg. no. vehicles (eg VP3 KRXY123) If it is a motorbike, add to the parking number -M (eg VP3-M KRXY123), or after the motorhome or van -A (VP-A KRXY123).

After sending the message, follow the instructions that you receive on your phone. Currently, payment for buses is not possible via SMS. Payment is possible in cash upon arrival at the parking lot or by prior appointment and by payment via transaction account by prior appointment. All visitors are asked to park in one of the marked parking lots after paying the parking fee. In this way, we will work together to ensure order and, consequently, the safe driving of intervention vehicles.

List of parking lots where parking is allowed:

  • Rakove ravni (vp3),
  • Ušivec (vp4)
  • Mačkin kot (vp5)

For more information, we are available at or +386 1 8327 258 and at

Parking in the marked car parks can be paid for at the crossroads in front of the car park at Rakov Ravne. Place the payment slip or annual permit in a visible place under the windscreen. Upon payment of the parking fee, friendly informants will direct you to the parking lots, also offer you informative material about the attractions on the mountain and a map. Payment will also be possible via sent SMS message. In all marked parking lots, instructions for paying for parking via SMS with the vehicle registration number will be published on information boards, where you will also find a map. If the mobile signal in the place where you will be located would not allow you to send a message, you can also do so away from the parking lot where you will have the signal. Your payment via SMS will be recorded in the app and will be verified via a list.