Near Ljubljana and only few kilometres from the town of Kamnik you will find the bottom station of the cable car to Velika planina, which takes you amongst the green pastures of the mountain plateau in the heart of the Kamnik Alps. We recommend that you take a hike to the herdsmen’s settlementand feel the simple way of the herdsmen’s life, taste their dairy products and admire the unique architecture of the cottages which define Velika planina. To those, who are more active, the mountain offers ideal possibilities for hiking and various mountain-cycling tours. You can choose between two routes when you exit the cable car. You can either continue the drive by the double seat lift Šimnovec, or set off to the top of the mountain by foot (30 minute walk). In any case, we recommend that you walk a little further on the gentle slope of the mountain for additional 15 minutes and visit the herdsmen’s settlement, which is 15 minutes away. Pass the lodging house Zeleni rob and follow the signs for the herdsmen’s settlement- Mala planina.

Cablecar takes you from the valley to the mountain in 5 minutes.

What to do on Velika planina?

The chapel of Snow Mary, which originally stood at the same place before the Second World War, is located slightly above the herdsmen’s settlement. It was burnt down by German soldiers during the war, and was rebuilt in 1988 on the herdsmen’s initiative. It was consecrated to Snow Mary and this is why 5th of August presents a special holiday for the chapel and the entire herdsmen’s settlement. During the summer, the masses are held every Sunday and several thousands visitors attend the sacred mass or the midnight service on Christmas Eve.

Preskar museum

The museum is located in the herdsmen’s settlement and is opened every day during the pasture season. It is distinguished by its appearance, since the small, grey herdsmen’s hut is located in the stone part of the settlement.

After the Second World War, Andrej Preskar built his cottage with the original oval floor plan, as it was before the war. Today, this is the only cottage which is distinct from the other cottages with its shape, size and modestly decorated interior. Among other things in the cottage, there is also an example of “trnič”- a special sort of cheese known in this area.

You can visit Preskar museum every day in summer, from 10am – 3pm.    

In the summer months you can refresh yourself with a true shepherd’s snack – sour milk and buckwheat mush. Shepherds will also happily serve home-made cheese or other dairy products. You can find many Slovenian delicious dishes (jota, rice, goulash, sausage with sour cabbage, buckwheat mush) also in the restaurant Zeleni rob.  We recommend you to try sweet cottage cheese dumplings with fruit dressing.

Every saturday you can join us on a guided tour with a local guide! Starting point: Gradišče (top of double seat lift) at 10:30 Price: 6€/person Informations and reservations:  

Veternica cave is the most popular natural site of interest on Velika planina. It is assembled of the caves Mala Jama and Velika Veternica, which came into existence when the roof caved in as the result of rock disintegration. The cave Velika veternica is more popular. It is known for its patches of snow, which remain in the cave also during the summer.


Family can use a family tickets – it includes 2 adults and up to four childer, from 6 – 14 years.

Visit Velika planina!