Notice to visitors about the changes and measurements taken against the outburst of corona virus (COVID-19)

Dear visitors of Velika planina!

With the health and well being of our visitors and service providers in mind,  the company of Velika planina will take precautionary measurements evolving the prevention of the corona virus

To assure safety certain precautions should be followed :

  • The number of passengers in the cable car should not exceed over 10  
  • The number of guests inside the  inn Zeleni rob is limited to 15 people.
  • Visitor stations, catering establishments and the ticket office will provide all guests with disinfectant supplies
  • All visitors that visit Velika Planina by cablecar will be questioned and asked for additional information:
  • Country and place of residence;
  • Has the visitor stayed in areas of the occurrence of the corona virus in the past month;
  • Health condition of the visitor
  • we reserve the right to measure the body temperature of the visitor.

If we find that a visitor is coming from the area of ​​the onset of the corona virus or show signs of the possibility of contracting COVID-19, we will refuse the transport by cable car  and provide information on the further procedure according to the national institute of public health in order to ensure the safety of other visitors and employees.

We will continue to make informed decisions following best practices implemented by health, public safety and provide timely updates through channels, including our website and social media platforms. 

Be well and stay healthy. Thank you for your understanding.

Kamniška Bistrica, 12. 03. 2020                                                            Leon Keder