General Terms and Conditions of Velika planina d.o.o.



  • You can buy tickets in the box office at the lower station of the aerial cableway and at the Skodla snack bar at the upper station of the aerial cableway during snack bar opening times.
  • The sale and control of tickets is via computer-controlled cash registers and magnetic scanners. At checkpoints, visitors are required to show tickets without request, or at the request of an authorised person. An authorised person is any person who is employed by the Velika planina d.o.o. company.

Visitors who do not know Velika Planina are recommended to:

  • seek information about the weather conditions and operation of the devices prior to purchase.
  • Ensure that they are properly equipped for the weather conditions.



  • Daily and half-day ski passes allow one-time access and descent from the mountain with an aerial cableway.
  • Return ticket for the aerial cableway and chairlift is valid for 14 days to descend from the mountain.
  • During the operation of the chairlifts any complaint is settled at the lower station of the aerial cableway.
  • Seasonal and annual non-transferable tickets are not valid without a photograph of the holder.
  • A seasonal or annual non-transferable ticket may be withdrawn by an authorised person when a ticket is detected.
  • Season tickets are valid for the duration of each season for which they are purchased.
  • The annual ticket is valid for 365 days from the date of purchase.
  • A lost or damaged seasonal or annual ticket can be replaced. The ticket shall be replaced upon presentation of certificate of issue or ticket identification card within 7 days from the reporting. For the issue of a replacement ticket we charge the cost of replacement at the listed price.
  • The expired daily or half-day ticket, which is not older than 12 months, can be extended at the lower station of the aerial cableway. Additional payment or the extension of 1 (one) ticket is 5€. It can be extended for 3 months from the day of the extension.
  • Children up to the age of 6 years can ride on a cableway without a ticket, but only accompanied by their parents or adults.
  • Children from 6 to 14 years have the right to purchase a children’s ticket on presentation of proof of age.
  • High school students, students or pensioners are entitled to discounted prices if they present a valid proof of their status at the time of purchase of the ticket (student’s course-and-grade book, certificate on education, student’s card or pensioner statement or card).
  • All families (parents + up to 4 children (each next child pays according to the price list) up to the age of 14) are entitled to a family ticket with appropriate proof (personal document)
  • The company reserves the right to a maximum of 40 working days of non-running annually due to maintenance work.
  • The Velika planina d.o.o. company reserves the right to change the prices of which it informs users at least one (1) day in advance or visitors on the company’s website. All prices are in EUR (euros).



  • Purchased tickets can not be returned and a refund requested. The company does not recognise any compensation for lost tickets.
  • Bad weather, fog, wind, blocked ski runs, termination or individual devices shutdown are not reasons for refund or extension of the ticket validity.
  • In the event of injury to the skier, or rescue team intervention, the company refunds the purchase price only for a season (more days) ticket, on the basis of the injury report of the rescue service. Purchase will be refunded from the next day on. The company does not reimburse the purchase price for a season (more days) ticket in case of illness.
  • In the event of injury of the visitor in the area of Velika planina, the area of cableway devices or catering facilities owned by the company, the Velika planina d.o.o. company is not obliged to refund the ticket. The company is not obliged to refund the purchase price to the person who accompanies the injured person either.
  • The purchase price is not refunded to the companion an the injured skier, who, together with the injured person, has left the ski slope prematurely.



  • Tickets are non-transferable, except for seasonal and annual tickets.
  • With tickets already purchased, the validity of tickets can not be changed.
  • The ticket is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase until the number of rides for certain ticket is used.
  • Attempt or abuse of ticket and violation of the rules of safe skiing are a reason for immediate withdrawal of the ticket. Any person employed by the Velika planina d.o.o. company or the ski slope supervisor is authorised to withdraw a ski or annual ticket.
  • In the event of ticket abuse or a breach of order or the rules of safe skiing and driving with cableway devices the company reserve the right to criminal charges against the offender, or report to the justice of the peace.
  • In the event of the ticket abuse, the offender who participates in the accident is obliged to pay the rescue expenses.




  • The Velika planina d.o.o. company prohibits any advertising and posting of leaflets on facilities and areas owned by the company. It can only be advertised by prior arrangement with the company. The penalty for such advertising is €500.00.
  • If the company finds that the visitor has damaged a cableway or other device, the perpetrator or his caretaker is obliged to compensate the damage. The company reserves the right to initiate criminal prosecution for damage to foreign property and endangering the safety of transport. Until the final determination of the amount of the damage, the company may require the perpetrator a deposit of €200.00 or to keep the equipment.
  • The company denies access to cableways and ski slopes for drunk persons, people under the influence of drugs and people who behave improperly. The company is not responsible for them and for their actions.
  • Smoking is prohibited on all cableway devices, the use of open fire and the dumping of cigarette butts and rubbish, due to the danger of fire on the cableway trails.




  • The working hours of the cableways adjust to the daily weather conditions.
  • Depending on the number of visitors, the aerial cableway starts or stops operating, before or after the official working hours, and operates uninterruptedly, every full hour or according to the schedule, posted at the box office at the lower station of the aerial cableway. The operation manager or the person who replaces him shall decide on operation outside the schedule.
  • For technical, organisational, economic or natural reasons, the company may exclude the operation of individual cableway devices and ski runs. Reduced offer is not a reason to reduce fares.
  • A short-term cessation of the device during regular operation must be approved by the operating manager or his deputy. The consent of the operating manager is ordered on the basis of a preliminary arrangement that it is a physically impaired person or person who gives a valid reason for the short-term cessation of the device. This person has to alert the device operator of this before entering the cableway device.




  • Carrying children and domestic animals in backpacks in prohibited on cableways.
  • The transport of people with disabilities who find it harder to get out of the cableway and want help or to stop the cableway device for entry or exit can be arranged by prior arrangement with the company management. Transport is possible if accompanied by an accountable person.
  • No additional luggage or bicycle is included in the price of annual tickets. The holder of the annual ticket shall be obliged to pay extra cash at the box office before entering the aerial cableway.
  • Transport of personal luggage (1 piece / person) up to 15 kg is free of charge (suitcase, backpack, bag, skis, etc.) Other additional luggage is charged at the price list according to the weight of the luggage. Employees of the Velika planina d.o.o. company reserve the right to weigh the luggage.
  • The passenger is obliged to report additional luggage at the box office.
  • The transport of goods over 15 kg is calculated according to the price list of the whole weight.
  • Bicycle transport is charged at the price list.
  • Transport of bicycles and paragliders is possible and allowed with a aerial cableway, as well as with the Šimnovec two-chairlift. Transportation is charged at the price list.
  • For transportation of cargo above 100 kg, a preliminary agreement with the operator of the aerial cableway in charge is required. Cargo and exceptional transport are paid according to the price list.
  • The price of cargo transportation does not include the assistance of the company’s employees when loading and unloading and shipping loads on the mountain. Assistance and transport can be arranged and paid by prior arrangement.
  • The transport of flammable and hazardous substances is possible every Friday after a regular ride at 1pm. Transportation of load is charged at the listed price.


  • The transport of dogs (other than official at the time of intervention) is permitted provided the dog is clean, healthy, on a string and has a muzzle.
  • Guide dogs and dog assistants do not need to have a muzzle in accordance with ZZZiv-UPB2 13. Article.
  • Transport of birds, cats and other small animals is permitted only in cages or in another appropriate way, which does not disturb or hinder other passengers, while complying with hygienic sanitary regulations.




  • With the purchase of a ticket, the ticket holder shall be insured against any bodily injury or damage to the equipment or load, if the damage is caused by the fault or neglect of the cableway operator.
  • The Company does not assume any liability for personal injury or damage to the equipment of ticket holders and other persons if the damage arises as a result of non-compliance with: conditions on cableway installations, on ski slopes, the number of visitors, weather, snow quality, unmanaged driving, FIS rules, signs and instructions from the cableway operator, inadequate physical condition, inadequate sports equipment, skiing and driving with cableways under the influence of alcohol or drugs, etc.
  • The company assumes no responsibility for the tardy delivery and transport of improperly packaged cargo (damage, frost, etc.). Cargo must be properly packed and ready to be transported by cableway installations and protected from theft, otherwise it must be accompanied by the owner or representative of the owner.
  • The conditions for a possible claim for damages to the company is the submission of a valid ski pass on the day of the accident and the accident record of the rescue team.
  • In the event of an accident on a ski slope or cableway, the company reserves the right to initiate criminal proceedings or a procedure for an offence against the perpetrator.




  • Parking or the use of parking spaces at the lower station of the aerial cableway is free of charge for users of cableway devices – drivers are obliged to take into account the traffic signalisation and instructions of the security officers.
  • For parked vehicles, the company assumes no responsibility.
  • Owners of parked vehicles who do not use cableway devices or accommodation facilities of the Velika planina d.o.o. company maybe ordered to pay a parking fee.
  • Night parking of motorhomes at carparks owned by the Velika planina company is prohibited.




  • The skier is obliged to follow the directions of the safety service, cableway workers and ski slope supervisors, as well as the provisions of all warning and notice signs on the ski slope and the FIS rules.
  • IT IS FORBIDDEN to ski in contravention of the FIS rules and the provisions of the law on safety in public ski slopes and also skipping the line. Violation may be punished by immediate withdrawal of the ticket without compensation. A ski supervisor is authorised to withdraw the ticket on the ski slope. Skiing on closed runs, marked with the CLOSED RUN sign, is FORBIDDEN.
  • ABSOLUTE PROHIBITION applies to crossing fences, with or without ski, as they limited the ski slopes from precipices and various types (including snow) of cliffs and abysses.
  • Skiing in the woods and on dwarf pines is FORBIDDEN.
  • The rescue service and first aid team work as long as cableway devices operate. Rescuers control only the well-organised ski slopes and open ski runs. The costs of rescue and first aid on closed ski runs and outside the arranged ski slopes are covered by the recipient.
  • Skiing along the trail of the drag lifts is not allowed. Drag lifts trails can only be crossed in specially marked places.
  • Walking and sledding along the ski slopes is not allowed.
  • Taking dogs with or without leashes on ski runs is not permitted.
  • Riding snow sledges on ski runs is not allowed.


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Velika planina d.o.o.,

Mark Anžur, director



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