Skiing on Velika planina

The ski slope extends between the height of 1412m and 1666m and offers 6km of ski trails, most of which are medium demanding. The mountain has been known for many years as a very popular family ski centre, due to its gentle terrain.

We also offer reasonable prices for skiing tickets:

There is the tow Jurček at the foot of the brand new sixseat lift Šimnovec, which is intended for the children and less skilful skiers. Next to it is a children’s playground and a smaller polygon for sledding. We also organise kindergarten on the snow.

altitude 1412 – 1666 m
total area: 557 ha
ski area: 40 ha
easy slopes: 300 m
medium difficulty 1,5 km
hard slopes 1 km
sixseater Šimnovec 1341 m medium 1450 / h
ski lift Zeleni Rob 800 m medium 800 / h
tow Jurček 300 m easy slope 300 / h

Ski slopes map

Slovenia Active ski-pass is only valid during the operation of the ski resort.