Trnič – cheese from Velika planina that carries a love story!

“Trnič” is a kind of hard cheeses of typical pear-shaped form that are prepared in the area of ​​Velika, Mala and Gojška planina in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. They are made of cottage cheese, cream and salt, and decorated with special ornaments, which are embossed with relief carved wooden boards or rods. Trnič is used also in culinarz, often as an addition to dishes like pasta.

The symbol of love

According to the tradition, the shepherds at the end of the grazing gave a “trni;” as a gift of love and loyalty to their chosen women.

Cheese “Trnič”  were always made in pairs. The shepherds retained one, and the other they gave to women he liked, who kept cheese for many years.

Other typical dishes

In the summer months you can refresh yourself with a true shepherd’s snack – sour milk and buckwheat mush. Shepherds will also happily serve home-made cheese or other dairy products.

You can find many Slovenian delicious dishes (jota, rice, goulash, sausage with sour cabbage, buckwheat mush) also in the restaurant Zeleni rob.  We recommend you to try sweet cottage cheese dumplings with fruit dressing.