Velika planina offers countless opportunities for hiking, excellent starting points for visiting the surrounding peaks or just a walk through the shepherd’s settlement, which is one of the few preserved in Europe. Velika planina is also attractive in the spring months, when vast pastures are colored by saffron carpets. Experience a walk on the purple carpet, enjoy the fresh air and recharge your batteries.


The package “Among the saffrons on Velika planina” can be used from 11.4. – 27.5.2022 and includes:


  • Accommodation in a cottage on Velika planina for 2 persons (2 nights)
  • Meals in the inn Zeleni rob (breakfast, lunch)
  • A basket of local delicacies
  • Return tickets for the cable car and chairlift




We accept reservations at booking@velikaplanina.si!

Košutnik hut on Velika planina has everything you need for a pleasant, homely and comfortable stay on the beautiful Velika planina. The view in front of the hut takes you to the view of the sunset in the evening, and in the summer you are awakened by the ringing of cow bells. . The cottage with three bedrooms (8 beds), terrace, common room and fireplace, kitchen and bathroom is fully equipped. Pets are welcome! In the immediate vicinity, just over 5 minutes away, is the Zeleni rob inn, which can also be reached by a chairlift.