Dear visitors!

Company Velika planina have taken certain preventive measures against the coronavirus (COVID-19) in Slovenia to increase the safety and health of our visitors and our employees.

All visitors that visit Velika Planina by cablecar and who show visual signs of COVID-19 will be questioned and asked for additional information:

  • Country and place of residence;
  • Has the visitor stayed in areas of the occurrence of the corona virus in the past month;
  • Health condition of the visitor;
  • Taking his temperature

If we find out that the visitor is coming from the area of ​​occurrence of the corona virus or shows signs of the possibility of COVID-19, the visit to Velika planina by cablecar will not be allowed, in order to ensure the safety of other visitors and employees. We will give the visitor all informations on the further procedure according to the national institute of public health.

Kamniška Bistrica, 5/3/2020                                                                                                         Leon Keder,

                                                                                                                                                     Velika planina d.o.o.