Dear visitors of Velika planina!

We would like to inform you that after the cordination of all contractors, the date when the Šimnovec chairlft on the Velika planina will finally cease to operate after 23 years is finally known. The last day of operation of the chairlift will be May 23, 2023. It will be replaced by a new, more modern and safer six-seater chairlift manufactured by Leitner, which, just like the existing chairlift, will have three stations: the lower station, the intermediate station and the upper station (Gradišče, 1666m).

On May 24, 2023, preparatory work begins. This will be followed by the dismantling of the existing chairlift and the construction of a new chairlift. The new chairlift will take the first passengers to the mountain in the first half of November 2023.

Despite the suspension of the chairlift, the cable car will operate according to the regular schedule every day and will still be the easiest, most economical and sustainable way to access Velika planina. Visitors will be able to hike from the upper station of the cablecar to Zeleni Rob on foot. The route is about 2 kilometers long and is easy. For all those who are physically unable to walk such a distance, we are also preparing the possibility of transportation.

Since the part of the mountain where the chair lift is now located will be a construction site, we ask all visitors to follow the instructions of the contractor, follow the signs for footpaths and be careful and pay attention to the notices during construction. Contractors and company Velika planina, d.o.o. we will do our best to ensure that most of the time the accesses are arranged and passable normally. In certain periods, there is a possibility that the road below the chairlift will be impassable and we will have to adapt ourselves. The deadlines for the installation of the new chairlift have been set, so the work will take place throughout the day, including weekends and holidays. In any case, we believe that the very construction of such a demanding cable car installation will be interesting for visitors as well, of course from a safe distance.

During the summer season, all activities will take place as normal on Velika planina itself. Guesthouses will be open on Velika and Mali planina, shepherds will be happy to serve you sour milk, cheese and other delicacies. The Preskar museum will also be open, where various events will take place during the summer months.

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