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The Velika planina company is a firm that works mostly in its two main branches of buisines. The first is transportation by numerous cableway devices and the other is tourism/hospitality industry. The firm operates in the valley of the river Kamniška bistrica and on the alpine plateau of Velika planina. One activity that this company also engages in, is promotion and tourism development in this part of the Kamnik region. For 365 days of the year, the employees of Velika planina manage the protection and supervision of the mountain, maintenance work at the facilities and take care of the order and cleanliness and the arrangement of roads and paths.

We look for new possibilities in other interesting forms of recreation; night sledding, cross-country skiing, cycling, and catering-tourism activities; quality and recognizable catering, guided half-day and whole-day excursions, a visit to the Preskar museum … In addition to the activities at Velika planina, we are expanding the offer also in the Kamniška Bistrica valley.

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  • Po planinskih poteh (Izdal; Center za razvoj Litija, Avtorja: G. Kleč, T. Mučič)
  • Velika planina – map
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